A Presenter at National Conferences:

  - 2015:
The Wall of Respect, its heritage at 48 years: Police vs. Muralists: control symbolic speech in public space, April 18, Art Institute of Chicago
2014: Galerie Municipale, Vitry Sur Seine , France
  - 2014:
Centre Culturel, Ile St.Denis, France
  - 2014: College Art Association, panel on Wall of Respect and its influence, Chicago
  - 2012: Encuentro Mural International, "La policia y el artista: control de la expresion en espacio publico.," Guanajuato, Mexico
  - 2010: Community Built Association, New Orleans
 - 2010: College Art Association, panel on Public Art in Chicago, February 2010, Chicago
 - 20
06: Community Built Association @ Asilomar, CA
 - 2005: College Art Association, Atlanta, GA, :Mural Aesthetics

 - 2005: College Art Association, Atlanta.  Murals: Esthetics and criticism
 - 2003: Getty Center Conference on Mural Creation and Preservation in the Americas
 - 2003: College Art Assoc. (NYC): "Claiming Public Space, Whose Mural Gets Saved?"
 - 2000: Art Institute of Chicago, symposium on African American Art in American Art History, part of "To Conserve A Legacy" exhibit. Presented paper titled, "William Walker and Mitchell Caton, in the Heart of the Mural Tradition."
 - 1997: Jornada Internationale de Arte Publico, Tlaxcala Mexico