A Writer
Selected published writings on murals and community public art:

- "Murals and Public Space", Mural Art Vol 4, 2011, ed. Kiriakos Iosifidis, Carpe Diem/Publikat, publisher
- “Bricolage Mosaic” on line publication, on CPAG.net
- "Mural Aesthetics," (2003) chapter for The Best We Know, Guide to Best Practice for Community Public Art, Chicago Public Art Group, on CPAG.net
- Toward A People's Art,  (1998) Co-authored with Eva & James Cockcroft, foreword by Jean Charlot, U.of New Mexico, w/ new foreword by Lucy Lippard, essays by B. Keppel & Tim Drescher. 1st edition, 1977, E.P.Dutton