Conference Presentations:

The Wall of Respect, its heritage at 48
     years: Police vs. Muralists: control
     symbolic speech in public space, April 18,
     Art Institute of Chicago
2014 Galerie Municipale, Vitry Sur Seine,
2014 Centre Culturel, Ile St.Denis, France
2014 College Art Association, panel on Wall
      of Respect and its influence, Chicago
2012 Encuentro Mural International, "La
     policia y el artista: control de la expresion
     en espacio publico.," Guanajuato, Mexico
2010 Community Built Association, New
2010 College Art Association, panel on Public
     Art in Chicago, February 2010, Chicago
2006 Community Built Association @
     Asilomar, CA
2005 College Art Association, Atlanta, GA,
     :Mural Aesthetics
2005 College Art Association, Atlanta.
     Murals: Esthetics and criticism
2003 Getty Center Conference on Mural
     Creation and Preservation in the Americas
2003 College Art Assoc. (NYC): "Claiming
     Public Space, Whose Mural Gets Saved?"
2000 Art Institute of Chicago, symposium on
     African American Art in American Art
     History, part of "To Conserve A Legacy"
     exhibit. Presented paper titled, "William
     Walker and Mitchell Caton, in the Heart of
     the Mural Tradition."
1997 Jornada Internationale de Arte Publico,
     Tlaxcala, Mexico