Recent Public Art Projects:

Alcott School, Chicago Public School,
     w/students, mixed media.
Martin Luther King Living Memorial,
      Marquette Park, Chicago, IL.
      Three carved brick pillars in plaza,
      w/Sonja Henderson.
"Children Are the Future" complete
       renewal of 1979 historic mural ensemble,
       at California and Bloomingdale, Chicago
       IL, under the "606". Polychrome cement
       reliefs, with mosaic, sgraffito and painted
       murals. With Catherine Cajandig and
       youth team.
Two mosaics for Alfred Nobel
       Chicago Public School, with students.
2011 "Ga Du Gi", twelve mosaic panels in
        five buildings, Elmhurst University,
        Elmhurst, IL, with students.
"Eskuz-Esku", twin mosaic and paint
         murals, in the Casco Viejo, Vitoria-
         Gasteiz, Alava, Spain, with La Ciudad
         Pintada, Itinerario Muralistico Vitoria-
         Gasteiz. Partial support from the US
2010 "A Garden", six mosaic panels for
          (former) Counseling Center of
          Lakeview, Chicago.
2009 "Looking backward, moving forward,
          lest we forget the Song of 47th St." 3000
          sq.ft bricolage mural, 47th & Lake Park,
          Chicago IL, with Carolyn Elaine,
           assisted by Juan Carlos Perez, youth
           team and volunteers.
2008 "Mosaics For 4 Libraries", Broward
           County, Florida, with Nina Smoot Cain
“A Place for Children”. Sabin School
            play-plaza. Mosaic sculpture,
            “Gulliver”, with Henri Marquet.
            Chicago IL.
2004 "Plantamos Flores," 500 sq.ft. mosaic,
             w/Tracy VanDuinen, etal. Clemente
             High School, Chicago. IL.
2004 "Right Connections," 800 sqft. mixed
              media w/Bernard Williams & youth.
2003 “Journey Together” and “Life is
              Beautiful”. 500 sq.ft. Mosaics
              w/Tracy Van D.uinen, Bethel New
2001 “Honor the Spirit," Mosaic pillar,
              w/Marilyn Lindstrom,
               Cedar/Riverside, Minneapolis, with
               diverse immigrant residents.
2000 "The Gathering: of Time, of Land, of
               Many Hands," plaza w/400sqft of
               mosaic walls and columns, East each
               Park, Spencer IA, w/Nina Smoot
               Cain & hundreds of volunteers,
               "Artists and Communities, America
               Creates for the Millennium,"
                 extended residency.